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Get to know our 2020 Summer Staff!

General Counselors


Celie controversially says that her favorite purple is indigo and dreams of one day becoming a professional finger painter. Celie juggles making an average of 5.34 friendship bracelets at a time and, after 12 years at Riverlea, has memorized the Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe. Celie will start school at the University of Rochester in the fall. 


Devin’s hobbies include sleeping and hanging out with friends, but not on the job. She likes Dr. Pepper and, as a result, her favorite camp song is “I’m a Nut.” A completely unrelated fun fact that Devin wants you to know is that platypi do not have a stomach. Devin just graduated from UNC Greensboro and will be teaching Kindergarten in the fall. This is Devin’s second summer at Riverlea.


This is Ethan’s first summer at Riverlea, but if he could have any superpower he would choose time travel, so it’s hard to confirm he hasn’t been here before. Ethan loves slim jims, thunderstorms, deep space exploration, and “based on a true story” movies. He studies Mechanical Engineering at Clemson. Ask him if he has a fun story to tell later, he might just have one. 


Gray brings extensive knowledge of rugby, Star Wars, and dinosaurs into their first summer at Riverlea. They are a rising junior at Appalachian State studying Special Education. Gray enjoys power tools, painting, and befriending freshwater sharks. Their favorite biome is the rainforest. 


Josie returns to Riverlea for her 11th summer and her first on staff. Josie enjoys beach biking, softball, making friendship bracelets exclusively in the color coral, and trying to get her brothers to do things other than play video games. Josie is heading into her senior year of high school; she hopes to pursue a career in environmental law. 

Kate A.

In her second summer at camp, Kate has moved on from agriculture to become a general counselor, but her favorite part of camp is still the chickens. After graduating from UNC, Kate hopes to become a touring poet and keep her schedule open so she can watch lots of reality TV. Kate’s go-to dance move is “the bus driver” and she likes to follow up hot cheeto eating with iced coffee drinking.

Kate O. 

Kate loves the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning at camp, but also fancy bar soap, olive oil, and classical music. Kate will be attending Bryn Mawr College in the fall. She once had a dog that actually did eat her homework, but that excuse won’t work next year. This will be Kate’s ninth year at camp and first on staff. 


Quinn has watched How to Train Your Dragon 20 times, double the number of years he has been at Riverlea. Quinn likes to eat mac and cheese with ketchup while wearing his favorite aqua bowler hat. He hopes to become a sports analyst, which is unsurprising since his favorite camp activity is athletics. This is Quinn’s first summer on staff. 


Tessa’s favorite thing to do is sneeze. When she isn’t sneezing, Tessa enjoys knitting, reading, climbing trees, picking her nose, and television. Her goal is to be the best counselor she can be and to make sure all her campers know that crows are really smart. This is her second summer at Riverlea. 



David likes to pick up heavy things and work in the garden. 

Arts and Crafts

Cat B.

Cat is a rising junior at Furman University majoring in English and Communications. Cat wants to be a travel writer so that she can continue searching for the lost city of Atlantis. Cat loves bucket hats and popcorn. More specifically, she loves eating popcorn out of bucket hats. Cat will be returning to camp for her fourth summer. 


Aurora brings an interest in graphite drawings and painting to Arts and Crafts in her sixth summer at Riverlea. If she could have any superpower it would be teleportation so that she could easily visit Japan again. Aurora likes reading, writing, and deciduous forests. She is a rising senior in high school.


Sara is a rising senior at Research Triangle and loves tap dance, competing on swim team, and baking. Her favorite species of penguin is the Adelie. This is Sara’s first summer on staff, but 11th at Riverlea. If she could have any superpower it would be flying so that she wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the Hobbit House for Arts & Crafts. 



Noah returns to camp for his 11th summer after having spent the last few months billy goat herding and teaching squirrels pig latin. Noah studies Industrial Engineering at NC State, has a pet rock collection, and enjoys eating gluten free snacks. His favorite Jonas Brother is Kevin. 


This is Samy’s 13th summer at Riverlea. She studies Psychology at East Carolina University, but college is just a backup plan in case she does not make the 2021 Olympics for archery. She is a big fan of the seminal classic, The Polar Express. In her free time Samy likes playing video games, cars, and making playlists. 


Kristin returns to archery for her second summer at Riverlea. Her hobbies include yoga and horseback riding. Kristin aspires to do research in neuroscience and become better at yoga. She doesn’t care that no one spells her name right. Kristin is a big fan of whisks.




Hayden loves playing piano and ukulele, demolishing people at board games, and journaling, so naturally he is majoring in History and Literature with a minor in French at Appalachian State. Hayden likes to eat cookies and cream ice cream in Downtown Durham, but only while wearing beanies. This will be his ninth year at Riverlea. 


This summer will be Susan’s first at Riverlea! She just graduated high school and will be headed to UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall to study biostatistics so that she can become a professional knitter. Outside of competitive knitting, Susan likes rock climbing, Just Dance-ing, and water balloon fights. She is a big fan of deciduous forests and rocking a dad hat. Her weird talent is that she “can make a noise no one else can.” Ask her about it. 

Canoeing & Kayaking


Even though she has spent 9 summers at Riverlea, Sofia’s favorite season is winter. Sofia is bilingual, likes movies and video games, plays the violin in a band with her sisters, and wants to work for NASA. Sofia also enjoys scuba diving and wants to travel to Australia to go on wreck dives. In the fall, Sofia will be attending Duke University.


Clay just graduated from high school and is headed to Appalachian State University in the fall. His dream job is to be an accountant, but he spends most of his time thinking about cars and working out. Clay still enjoys the same foods he ate when he first came to Riverlea 12 years ago: uncrustables and hot pockets. 



Nine summers in and Jane’s favorite parts of camp are still the groundhog that lives under Brandybuck and singing Doodly-Do. A recent high school graduate, Jane is headed to Macalester College in the fall. If Jane could have any super power it would be to convert 1 hour of sleep into 10 hours of sleep. She has a great appreciation for almonds, saxophone, whipped cream, and waking up early. 


Niayla joins the Riverlea team for her first summer, bringing with her a love for making friendship bracelets and wearing only lilac. In the fall, Niayla is headed to UNC Charlotte to major in Psychology and Spanish. Niayla is the fastest person on staff and is trying to  learn to speak to animals. 



Macy joins a storied line of Nature counselors, bringing skills from her audition for the TV show Survivor to the Riverlea woods. Macy is a rising sophomore at Appalachian State studying nutrition so that she can become a baker and travel blogger. She enjoys making kombucha, gardening, and hiking. Ask Macy about her favorite snack!

Kat A.

Kat hopes that exploring Riverlea’s 100 acres will prepare her to become a national geographic explorer. Some of her other interests, like kayaking, hiking, running, and knitting will probably also be helpful in this endeavour. She likes wearing beanies while she hangs out at the Eno and claims that eating potato chips with ketchup is not that weird. 


Ellie P.

Ellie is a trapezoid and travel enthusiast. She loves singing and consuming sugar so naturally her favorite camp song is Sarasponda. She is one of a long line of campers who used to try to skip swim lessons as a kid. She is a rising sophomore at Dickinson College and has been at Riverlea for 11 years. Look out for her forthcoming youtube channel where she talks about the splendor of beech trees. 


Charlie plays Bus Stop 4 times daily and his favorite food is Hot Cheetos. 



Brendan is back at Riverlea for his sixth summer on staff. He studies history and anthropology at UNC Charlotte and hopes to become a history consultant for movies and TV shows. Using his skills as a swim counselor, Brendan hopes to travel to the deepest part of the ocean. Brendan is both a beach and mountain person and his favorite North Carolina tree is a red maple. 

Natalie E.

Natalie doesn’t like animated movies and she doesn’t eat any weird food combinations, but she does love bradford pear trees and hanging out at Joe Van Gogh. This is Natalie’s third year on swim staff and her favorite part of camp is still the pool. Natalie is a sophomore at Appalachian State majoring in nutrition, which is quite possibly related to her lack of interest in weird food combos. 

Natalie M.

Despite not having eaten a tater tot since 1st grade, Natalie has been at Riverlea for 11 years. She has never had a cavity, possibly due to the lack of tater tots. Natalie enjoys online shopping, although she never buys anything. She also enjoys chilling by the pool and thinking about her favorite dwarf from snow white: dopey. Natalie is headed to Clemson University in the fall. 


Even after 9 years of coming to Riverlea, Eliza still can’t decide if her favorite barnyard animal is a goat or a duck. After graduating from UNC, Eliza hopes to someday become Leslie Knope and to download games onto her TI-84 calculator. She enjoys land cannonballs, microwave oatmeal, clipboard-ing, and pink goggles. Her favorite color is hex #32546b (check it out!).

Tennis & Golf


Resident Riverlea golf expert Julia enjoys…golf (and cows). Golfing since she was 7 years old, Julia wants to be a physical therapist for professional golfers. She is currently studying exercise physiology at ECU. Her favorite dance move is the whoa and clapping combo and she is the only person in the world who thinks Cars 2 is a good movie. Julia can pick her nose with her tongue and thinks she is really funny. 


Wells likes to play putt-putt and his favorite camp song is “Down by the Bay.” 

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