Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:15-8:40 Meet at the bus stop

Bus counselors wait for campers at the Forest Hills, Duke, and Guess Road stops and call roll before driving to camp. Check out the transportation page for more information.

9:00 Campers Arrive

Counselors greet campers as they come into the Shire. Campers put their lunches in crates to be refrigerated, their belongings in their cubbies, and then choose from lawn games, arts and crafts, visiting the chickens, ping pong, jungle gym, tennis, or free play until the bell rings.

9:15 Morning Assembly

Good morning! We sing songs; double-check absences; Weatherman Joe gives us the day’s forecast; counselors make morning announcements; and we get ready for a great day!

9:30 First Activity Period

Orcs and general counselors meet their groups at their meeting spot on the lawn, lead campers to their first activity, and participate with the group throughout the day.

10:15 Juice Break

Everyone returns to the Shire for a small snack and free play on the lawn. Riverlea provides “bug juice” (Gatorade) and cookies or crackers. If we are offering it that day, campers sign up for Free Choice, too.

10:30 Second Activity Period

Could be swimming, canoeing, tennis, etc…

11:15 Third Activity Period

Could be nature, athletics, arts & crafts, etc…

12:00 Lunch

Everyone is back at the Shire! Orcs and staff have set up tables and put out lunch bags. Campers sit with their age groups. Riverlea provides “bug juice” (Gatorade), milk, and water. When it’s a camper’s birthday, everyone gets cake!

12:30 Rest Hour

Hobbits, Baggins, and Dobbers sit in the air-conditioned back room while listening to a story, then have quiet time in the Shire (once staff have cleaned up after lunch). The older campers sit on mats in one of several shady spots outside, where they can read, play cards, and talk quietly.

1:10 Fourth Activity Period

Could be agriculture, archery, performances, etc…

1:55 Fifth Activity Period

Could be golf, kayaking, initiatives, etc…

2:40 Free Choice

Daily offerings change, but throughout the week, campers can choose to do any of Riverlea’s activities, go to free swim, or free play on the lawn. On very hot days, free swim (and not the other activities) is mandatory.

3:15 Tick Check

After campers have changed and gathered their belongings from their cubbies, they find counselors and Orcs to check their heads for ticks and lice. No taking bugs home on the bus!

3:30 Afternoon Assembly

After distributing lost and found items, we sing songs and sometimes have a talent show or special performance.

3:50 Campers dismissed to buses

Bus counselors lead campers to their buses, and call roll before leaving camp. Car riders wait for their ride by the driveway with a counselor. Everyone looks at lost and found before going home for the day.

4:00 Buses depart

Counselors clean up the Shire after the buses leave. Bus counselors wait with campers until everyone is picked up. Families and guardians sign their campers out at the bus stops.

A camp tradition for Durham area children

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