Daily Schedule


Morning (times dependent on bus stop) — campers are dropped off at bus stops. 

Bus ride. Youngest kids at the front of the bus, oldest at the back. All windows down for maximum air exchange. Volunteers and staff will sit with some kids.  

8:45 Counselors arrive at Riverlea.  

9:00-9:15 Campers arrive to Riverlea via car or bus. Campers arrive, put their lunch and backpack away, and participate in free play on the lawn.  

9:15-9:30 Morning assembly.  

9:35-10:10 First activity.  

10:15-10:30 Juice Break. A small snack and some Gatorade for everyone. 

10:35-11:15 Second activity. 

11:20-12:00 Third activity. 

12:00-12:30 Lunch. Rising K & 1st grade eat inside in a well-ventilated space. Rising 2nd grade eats on the front porch and rising 3rd grade and above eat on the lawn.  

12:30-1:00 Rest Hour – Rising K & 1st grade rest inside in a well-ventilated space. Rising 2nd grade rests on the front porch and rising 3rd grade and above rest on shaded areas around camp. All campers are given mats and asked to do quiet independent activities or quiet activities, such as cards, with their peers. During this time sunscreen is reapplied.  

1:05-1:45 Fourth activity.  

1:50-2:30 Fifth activity. 

2:35-3:20 Free Choice.  

3:20-3:45 Assemblyat meeting spots. Kids will change out of their bathing suits, gather their belongings to take home for the evening, have a tick check, and gather at their meeting spots for assembly.  

3:45 Load Busses. Campers will board the buses. 

4:00 Buses ride to bus stops/Car riders are picked up. 

Bus pickup time dependent on stop. Families will sign their campers out. 


A camp tradition for Durham area children

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