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Where can I find Camp Riverlea’s policies and procedures?


When does registration open?

We open registration on November 15th.

How do I complete Camp Riverlea paperwork?

Our registration software keeps all paperwork in one place. If you log in to CampInTouch and click the yellow “forms and documents” icon, you’ll see a list of required paperwork. You can also check to see what has and has not yet been completed. For each camper, we need the following: an application, transportation form, health history, and immunization history. Regarding immunizations: the software saves information year-to-year if it’s typed into the system rather than uploaded as a PDF.

Can families visit while camp is in session? 

Yes, please contact Amy, our Camp Director, at campersupport@campriverlea.com for more information. 

Can I tour Camp Riverlea? 

Yes, please email Amy (campersupport@campriverlea.com) to schedule a time.

Who will be in my child’s group?

We group campers by school grade (rising first graders will be with rising first graders, second with second, etc.). Group requests can be made on your camper’s application. We can make most of these requests, and try our best. A small percentage of the time we aren’t able to. 

What should my child bring to camp?

Please click here for a list of what to bring.

What should I do if my child’s transportation plans change?

Before camp, each family should complete the Transportation form on our website by logging into CampInTouch and selecting a transportation option. A few weeks before each session, we assign campers to our bus lists and allocate the proper number of busses to each stop. If you wish to switch transportation immediately before or during the session, please e-mail, the Camp Director at campersupport@campriverlea.com to see if the switch is possible (the bus may already be at capacity).

When do campers eat?

Mid-morning: Riverlea provides a light snack of crackers or cookies and water or “bug juice” (Gatorade) for all campers. If preferred, campers may bring their own snack to eat at this time. It should be packed separately from their lunch so that campers can get it out of their cubbies rather than out of the lunch fridge.

Lunch: Campers bring lunch from home. Because we put all lunches in a refrigerator, there is no need for icepacks or large insulated lunchboxes, so please pack your child’s lunch in a small lunchbox or bag. Riverlea provides water, “bug juice” (Gatorade), and milk at lunchtime. We provide lunch for campers who accidentally forget their food at home or in the car. Campers often eat more at camp than they do at school. We recommend packing a big and filling lunch.

Afternoon snack? We do not provide an afternoon snack. If campers are hungry, they are always allowed to eat the rest of their lunch at a designated table during free swim, before 3:30pm. We do not allow kids to eat around camp, and never on the bus. We do this  to prevent accidental exposure to possible food allergens. On the first day of each session, we tell all campers that this table is available when they want to eat extra food, as well as explain to them the health safety reasons for our food policies. There are usually campers eating at this table. Many camp families have found it helpful to bring a small snack and drink with them in the car for when their camper gets off the bus. Of course, we never deny campers access to food and water, and are happy to provide hungry kids with a snack if they are without their own food.

Who provides first aid to campers? 

Riverlea’s first aid manager is the primary first aid provider. The Camp Director, the Program Director, CIT Manager, 9 (or more) lifeguards, and various other counselors also hold certification in CPR and first aid and may administer first aid when needed. At least one bus counselor is First Aid/CPR certified and the buses have first aid kits on them. In case of emergency, medical first responders are stationed at the Lebanon Fire Station, just 2.5 miles away from Riverlea. We contact parents/guardians by phone in case of any injury or illness that requires follow-up attention, medication, or is worse than the common minor scrapes and bug bites.

What if my child needs to take medication while at camp? 

Only the camp first aid manager, the camp director, or the program director may dispense medicine at Riverlea. Please have medication in original packaging, labeled with your child’s name, and hand it to a counselor or staff member, at drop off, along with written instructions on dosages. The camp first aid manager keeps all medication secured at the first aid station in the Shire and will dispense it per instructions provided. Medication includes any prescriptions as well as over-the-counter drugs, such as Tylenol, Advil, and allergy medicine. No medication may be kept in campers’ cubbies or lunchboxes.

My child wants to keep in touch with another camper from their group. How do we reach them?

We never give out anyone’s personal information without their explicit permission. Just send the program director an e-mail saying which camper’s family you’d like to be in contact with, and the program director can forward your e-mail to that particular family.

What is Camp Riverlea’s tax ID?

Our tax ID number is 56-2329717.

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